Studio MACH Architecture

Location: Zurich

Task: Design and Design Development

Collaboration: Aebischer & Bovigny, Lausanne

In 2019, MACH Architektur moved into their new Studio at Hardturmstrasse in Zurich. The free-standing building, constructed in 1967, lies directly on the river Limmat. The Studio is located on the 4th floor where the surrounding ribbon windows provide a generous view of the river basin.

The open floor plan with an area of 260m2 is divided into two zones: the concentration-zone and the communication-zone. The first is placed alongside the window front and accommodates the workplaces. Screens with a textile lining structure this area into 5 bays while providing both visual and acoustic separation. 

The communication-zone is oriented towards the interior of the studio. This multi-purpose space can be altered according to the required needs. It can be used for meetings, workshops, events or a collective lunch in the team.  

A 21m long built-in oak cabinet consolidates wardrobe, storage and kitchen console in one element which can be divided by an acoustic curtain if desired. The flexibel extendable „Seq" table by designer Charles Jobs and the bar made from white Carrara marble serve as the meeting point of the MACH team. 

The two zones can be separated by semi-transparent glass sliding doors. On the one hand, they enable a division, on the other hand, they offer an open and flexible discussion area through attachable white boards. 

The studio also features our new Design Center with an area of 60m2 in the basement of the building. The material exhibition and the workshop with a 3D printer offer another meeting room and are an integral part of the architecture office.