Branch Ruswil

Location: Ruswil

Task: Design, Design Development and Construction Document

Competition First Place "Forum"

The design task of the competition by Raiffeisenbank was to create the concept of an open consulting bank for the new branch in Ruswil. As a consulting bank, it is the aim of the bank to focus even more on people and enable modern, contemporary communication between customers and consultants. Raiffeisenbank is to be a new meeting place in and for Ruswil.The FORUM design is based on the urban texture of Ruswil. The spatially diverse situations of the village are integrated in the project and reflected in the interior: the branch is structured by the placement of three solid cubes. These are intended for internal bank purposes, which is underlined by their compact design.

On the periphery of the branch, a "window sill" is shaped along the facade. It is developing from bench to alcove and finally turns into a sideboard with storage space for the bank employees. This creates open space in the centre of the branch on which the large meeting table is located.


Inspired by the houses of the village and Ruswil's history as Switzerland's largest farming community, the solid cubes are reminiscent of barns. In the sense of "storage", the technical installations are integrated into them and the value zone is kept safe.

The wooden cladding made of treated ash represents a modern derivative of traditional wooden constructions. The vertically structured surface has a positive acoustic effect inside the high space.

Textile seat coverings take up the green shutters around the village square with a dark forest green. Plants are integrated as a “living” green.
The combination of natural, simple and high-quality materials creates a friendly, warm and professional atmosphere in which customers and consultants feel comfortable.