Office Refurbishment

Location: Zurich

Task:Design, Design- and Construction Document, Implementation

Collaboration:HilP Projects GmbH

Detecon commissioned MACH to give their offices, located on the prestigious Löwenstrasse in the center of Zurich, a makeover that would reflect their values and professional field. The goal was to create a functional yet welcoming atmosphere in the landmarked building that would feel like a second home to employees. MACH organized several workshops with Detecon to get to know the company better, understand their values and desires, and express their identification through the right choice of materiality and design. By devising a new strategic layout that included opening walls, creating arcades, and lifting individual office spaces, the entire office became a brighter and more open space that encouraged sharing and communication. The entrance area was transformed into a kitchen with a large table, becoming the heart of the office, creating a sense of community and togetherness. Clever solutions such as writable walls, movable furniture and telephone booths create a flexible working environment. Contrasting with the light oak wood, ceramic floors and fuzzy carpet, neon lights and light boxes bring out the digital side of the company.
This duality between home and digital is a core value for Detecon and is omnipresent in MACH's design.