Location: Caslano

Task: Design, Design Development and Construction Document

Collaboration: Bassam Studio, New York - Müller & Truninger Architekten, Zürich - Kuhn Trunninger Landschaftsarchitektur, Zürich

Speed, precision and high fashion all came together when Bally asked us to create its new HQ in Switzerland, near Milan. Our first task was to convert an old 1500sm factory into a modern office space for 150 staff that would be both supremely efficient and a striking symbol of everything Bally stands for: craftsmanship, quality, beauty.

For the roof, we devised a showroom inspired by a jewel box. To ensure staff could move into their new home in just 12 weeks, we built the new showroom off-site using the latest pre-fabrication technology. As well as reducing disruption to Bally’s operations, this guaranteed an incredible degree of precision. On a length of 70m we achieved a tolerance of 3mm to the plans – thanks in part to our use of the latest laser technology.