Headquarter Caslano

Location: Caslano

Task: Design, Design Development and Construction Document

Collaboration: Bassam Studio, New York - Müller & Truninger Architekten, Zürich - Kuhn Trunninger Landschaftsarchitektur, Zürich

The brief to design the new Bally headquarters in Ticino focused on three factors: speed, precision and luxury fashion. The first challenge was to transform an old factory building of 1,500 m2 into a modern office space for 150 employees, combining maximum efficiency with Bally's core values: Craftsmanship, Quality and Aesthetics.

In the upper floor, MACH designed a showroom with a visual reference to a jewelry box. To enable the relocation of all employees in just 12 weeks, the new showroom was constructed off-site using state-of-the-art prefabrication technology. In addition to ensuring undisturbed operations at Bally, this guaranteed exceptional precision: a tolerance of just 3 millimeters was maintained over a length of 70 meters - thanks in part to the use of the latest laser technology.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan