Flagship Store Zurich

Location: Zurich

Task: Design Development and Construction Document

Collaboration: Auviso, audio visual solutions ag, Kriens - Blocher Blocher Shops, Stuttgart - Frontwork, Wallisellen Hilp Projects GmbH, Zürich

Press:Luxury Activist Webzine, 06.10.2014 - Zürich inside, Nr. 42, 16.10.2014

Iconic brands deserve to be celebrated. None more so than Victorinox, creator of the world’s most democratic, practical and ingenious invention, the Swiss Army knife. A new flagship store in Zürich gave us a superb opportunity to highlight the adventures and stories people experience on land, at sea and in space with a Victorinox knife at their side.

Walk into the store on the city’s historic Bahnhofstrasse and the first thing you spot is a giant globe sculpture cascading from the ceiling. Made from around 16,000 Swiss Army knives, it’s a dramatic symbol of the simple tool’s global fame – and a great place to take a selfie. For more impressive mementoes, we devised a ‘Bespoke Desk’ where you can use a touch screen to create a personalised ‘companion for life’ complete with your name, motto or secret love code engraved on its blade. Elsewhere, there’s a lovely storytelling bench for children – small people with a big hate for shopping – where they can listen to five ‘Chasperli’ (Punch & Judy) tales by Jörg Schneider – all echoing Victorinox values. Fidgets, meanwhile, can keep out of trouble making a huge wooden Swiss Army knife, ten times the size of the world’s favourite mechanical blade – but with no sharp edges to make grown-ups fret.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan