Boutique Lucerne

Location: Lucerne

Task: Design Development and Construction Document

Collaboration: Hilp Projects GmbH, Zurich

As part of Victorinox's retail rollout, MACH was commissioned to design another store in Lucerne. As the first stand-alone Victorinox boutique in the city, it establishes a strong link between the products and the brand's origins.

Strolling through the store, visitors arrive at a large image of Ibach, Victorinox's headquarters. There, at the foot of the Mythen peaks, 60,000 pocket knives are manufactured every day. To visualize the history of Victorinox, MACH developed a special history showcase. In it visitors can let their gaze wander through a large magnifying glass on rails, which passes over the various knife models and brand logos from 1884 to present day. The personalization table developed for the Zurich flagship store also finds its place in Lucerne. It is here where individualists can create their own souvenir that will be produced in Ibach.