Task: Design

A yacht that sails from Arctic Ocean to Amazon River is no ordinary vessel. When she is built, Swiss Ocean's 'Seahawk' will explore the world's greatest natural wonders in total harmony with her environment. We wanted passengers to enjoy their own intimate experience of those dramatic locations from inside the 100-metre long yacht.

Blending simple Nordic style with strong bursts of opulence, we designed interiors with longevity, function and comfort in mind. Everything is created with a quiet intelligence that adapts to geographical extremes, tropical humidity to polar blizzards, without overshadowing the natural beauty. For example, a Japanese-style hot water onsen is the ideal place to thaw after a day spotting icebergs, while  the outdoor pool on deck makes a cool retreat from jungle heat. For natural hedonists, a revolving helicopter hangar becomes a luxury bar with views of our spectacular world.