Abitaziun Brûlé

Location: St.Moritz

Task: Design, Design Development and Construction Document

Construction Management: Langus Bauleitung, St. Moritz

Press: Wallpaper, Dec 01 - Architectural Digest, Sept 03

When designing the winter residence of a private client in St. Moritz, MACH combined the charm of an alpine chalet with the expertise of Swiss carpentry and created something new, the modern 'Alpine Chic'.

To realize the design concept, the apartment which is located in a 60s residential building was not designed in a rustic chalet style, but with a modernist mid-century aesthetic. The minimalist design, the dark wood carpentry and the furniture reflect the simple, Danish style of living in the post-war modern era.

The home's kitchen was repositioned to the center. Semi-transparent, handcrafted wood and glass partitions separate the kitchen from private areas such as the bedrooms, but still create a large, open space to linger and relax. On the balcony, the use of vertical awnings creates a place of tranquility and seclusion. The open living space looks fresh and reflects the revitalizing power of the Alps.