Trade Fair Stand SIHH 2012

Location: Geneva

Task: Design Development and Construction Document

Collaboration: Roger Dubuis Store Planning Department

Execution: MCC AG, Oberembrach

Fantasy worlds inspired by the luxury watchmaker’s latest creations shaped the concept for its stand at the SIHH international watch fair in Geneva.

To create a sense of adventure from the start, the lobby was made to look like a Swiss bank vault, complete with laser security beams flashing across the space. Four doors transported visitors into our fantasy worlds; each one conveying the spirit of Roger Dubuis’ new watch lines.

La Monegasque  was a cosmopolitan casino setting rich in adrenaline and elegance. Excalibur used swords and armour to evoke the chivalry of Arthurian knights. Pulson boasted a Mission Impossible burglary scene with laser beams and action hero flourishes. While Velvet saw thousands of pink feathers create a supersoft oasis to balance our other more masculine spheres.

To protect the brand’s integrity and reputation for technical excellence, all the worlds were realistically built using high precision techniques and outstanding craftsmanship. That way, it was possible to tell the story of each new watch without slipping into a Disneyland pastiche.