Cabin Interiors

Location: Zurich

Task:Design and Design Development 

Collaboration: Winkreative, London - Caroline Flueler, Oberwil

Press: Winkreative Design Stories Jan 2014

First, Business and Economy Class. How do you design three different categories of aircraft cabins that nevertheless speak the same language? This was the challenge MACH faced when it was commissioned by Swiss International Air Lines to design the new cabin interiors.

MACH solved this design task with color. The darker and more intense the shades, the more luxurious the cabin class. The Swiss Alps provided the inspiration for the color palette. For the design of the different categories, MACH translated the alpine influences into a modern, captivating language that would convey Swiss' history and values.


Reflecting the airline's excellent reputation for efficient boarding was a coat of light blue paint on the inside of the overhead bins. The light blue was only visible when they were open. This allowed passengers to see the sky as soon as they boarded.