Restaurant Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

Task: Design and Design Development

Collaboration: Shilpi Creations, Mumbai


Taking the pleasures of Ping Pong’s dim sum to India called for a combination of cosmopolitan restaurant design and exquisite local artistry.

Located in one of Mumbai’s thriving new business centres, Ping Pong’s first restaurant in India builds on the success of our original atmospheric and cost-effective design concept by adding a few native flavours. Working with some of the region’s finest artisan carpenters, we created a Manhattan-meets-Mumbai bar area inside the entrance for guests to chat, drink and relax before being seated. To make the drinking area seem more like a private club, it was located on a slightly lower level to the main dining area. Handmade wooden screens were used to enhance the intimate feel.

Featuring a contemporary geometric reworking of a classic Chinese pattern, the screens were also placed throughout the restaurant to create a series of intriguing spaces. A clever mix of round, square and rectangular tables added to this sense of ‘rooms within a room’ where diners could enjoy their own unique experience of India’s first (but not last) Ping Pong restaurant.