Restaurant Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

Task: Design and Design Development

Collaboration: Shilpi Creations, Mumbai


To bring the merits of dim sum restaurants to India, Ping Pong's cosmopolitan design had to be combined with exquisite native art.

Located in a thriving new business center in Mumbai, the first Ping Pong restaurant in India builds on the success of MACH's atmospheric, low-cost design concept with the addition of a few local flavors. Working with the region's best cabinetmakers, MACH created a Manhattan-meets-Mumbai bar area near the entrance where guests can chat, relax and have a drink before taking a seat at a table. To make the bar feel like a private club, it is located at a lower level than the dining area. Additionally, handcrafted screens made of wood create an intimate atmosphere.

The screens, decorated with a modern, geometric interpretation of a classic Chinese pattern, are distributed in various locations throughout the restaurant to create exciting spaces. A sophisticated mix of round, square and angular tables contribute to the feeling of a 'room within a room' where guests can individually experience India's first Ping Pong.