Restaurant London

Location London

Task: Client consulting, design, detail and implementation planning

Graphic Design: Niclas Sellebraten, Stockholm

Press: Architectural Digest, Nov 05 - Japanese Mag, 2005

An exceptional interior was central to the success of this modern dim sum restaurant in central London. For the international implementation of the chain, MACH therefore focused on the balance between a distinct atmosphere on the one hand and a practical and cost-efficient solution on the other.

MACH designed a clearly structured yet open layout that allowed 60% space utilization for the guest area. Based on the Chinese tradition of hand-carved furniture, MACH designed a small furniture collection that reflects Ping Pong's values.

Large communal tables made of sustainably produced, dark-stained Swiss oak reflect the sense of authenticity and nature. Food is served and shared on lightly shimmering inserts of onyx glass in the center of the table, an expression of Ping Pong's communal table culture. The interior design developed by MACH creates a memorable impact that formed the basis for the international expansion of the Ping Pong network. The chain has now grown to seven restaurants in London, two in Washington D.C., two in Sao Paolo and one in Dubai.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan