House Bevaix

Location: Bevaix

Task: Design, Design Development

Designing luxury shoes calls for the precise execution of big architectural thinking. The same was true when we remodelled the lakeside apartment of an internationally-renowned designer of high fashion footwear. Like him, our goal was to transform a compact structure into an object of desire.

A beautiful position on Lake Neuchatel gave the apartment real potential but its existing layout was starved of light and atmosphere. Swapping a wall between master bedroom and bathroom with a moving, handmade oak screen made both rooms much lighter and more flexible – a vital element in smaller dwellings. Next, we redesigned lighting across the whole space to create ‘penthouse’ airiness in a ground floor apartment. To enhance this sense of lightness, we chose contrasting ceramic flooring in darker shades and textures inspired by local woodland. Mother Nature also found her way into the main living area in the guise of a wall divider crafted in Swiss slate with sliding doors to hide a small studio where next season’s heels take shape.

Floor Plan