Abitaziun Brûlé

Location: St.Moritz

Task: Design, Design Development and Construction Document

Construction Management: Langus Bauleitung, St. Moritz

Press:  Wallpaper, Dec 01 - Architectural Digest, Sept 03

When a private client wanted to refurbish his winter residence in St. Moritz, we combined the sophistication of an Alpine chalet with the expert craftsmanship of Swiss carpentry to produce a look we called ‘Alpine Chic’.

To turn our big idea into reality, we moved the kitchen to a new position in the centre of the residence. We then used semi-transparent handmade wooden screens to separate it from the entrance area. This created a larger free-floating space for living, entertaining, relaxing and so forth. Glass doors were used to divide private areas such as bedrooms from public spaces. We also created a tranquil, secluded spot on the balcony by clever use of vertical awnings. The result was a fresh and open living space that mirrored the restorative power of the Alps.