Office Refurbishment

Location: Zurich

Task: Design and Design Development

Collaboration: Aebischer & Bovigny, Lausanne

For company Helvetica Property Management we were commissioned to build new offices on Brandschenkenstrasse in Zurich. As a native Norwegian, the company founder grew up surrounded by Scandinavian design and it was essential to couple a Nordic design language with Swiss details. 

The arrival zone was furnished with benches that can be set up flexibly. It can be used as an auditorium for lectures, as a waiting area or as a meeting place. The highly dynamic area can be separated from the rest of the office by an acoustic curtain and can be refurnished and used as required.

 In the middle of the floor plan are the meeting rooms, which are acoustically separated from the rest by large glass panes and can be further privatized with a curtain. 

All workplaces are designed to be height-adjustable and are therefore integrated into room clamps, each of which combines two tables and forms a superordinate structure.

This structure generates not only optical tranquility but also acoustic tranquility through the integrated textile elements. The carpet also has an ordering effect, with its different colours dividing the zones between calm and busy. 


The property is characterized by a long bay window, in which we have integrated a long bench to enable all employees to use this prominent room as a lounge - a democratic intention. All tables and benches were designed for this project and can be ordered from MACH.