Location: Mellingen

Task: Design

The task for the competition by Raiffeisenbank was to create the concept of an open consulting bank for the new headquarter in Mellingen. The old town of Mellingen and the closeby rivers Aare and Reuss are key themes of the project ‘Fluidum‘.

The characteristics of the old town have been incorporated in the spatial structure of the layout, where the abstract shapes of alleys and angular passages are recognizable.
Proximity to the customers is one of the core factors of the bank‘s success. The reception area was created to serve as a place of encounter, like the centre of the village Mellingen. Thanks to the long and open façade towards the main street the entrance area is inviting and has a direct connection to the outside.

Natural elements as wood, stone, earth and water have been chosen and incorporated into the interiors: The reception desk as well as the consultants‘ desks are made of layered stone and serve as subtle reminders of river sediments. The pattern on the wooden screen walls which ensure privacy for clients, outline the flow of the river Reuss through Mellingen.