Flagship Boutique Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong

Task: Design Development and Construction Document

Collaboration: IWC Store Planning Department, Schaffhausen - XAL, Zurich

Taking watch collectors on a journey of discovery was MACH's goal in designing the world's first flagship boutique for the legendary Swiss watch manufacturer. To reflect the unique character and history of its timepieces, the brand created emotional worlds for each of its watch families. For example, the pilot watches were displayed in an 'Aviator's Lounge', a masculine sphere inspired by the elegant life of an officer.

These different worlds not only capture the spirit of each watch collection, but also create a customer experience that strengthens IWC's image as a pioneering brand with a sense of adventure. The use of high-quality materials such as chrome-plated brass, smoky gray mirrors and Makassar laminate combined with precise craftsmanship resulted in a perfect harmony with IWC's rigorous design ethos.

Floor Plan