Engineering Time

Over the last 10 years, the Zurich based Architecture firm MACH has helped a major Swiss watch brand build its global POS network. 120 months ago, this company had just 1 or 2 stores.

During the last 520 weeks, MACH Architecture developed 2 boutique concepts, 1 shop-in-shop concept and 8 derivations of their yearly exhibition. 

MACH engineered and detailed 5 large flagship boutiques,  a total of 133 regular boutiques, 465 shop-in-shop boutiques and their booth at the SIHH in Geneva 8 times, all within this past 3’647 days.

All the projects combined represent over 11’000 m2 of high-end retail space, that’s almost the size of the old town of Schaffhausen (a small suburb of Zurich).

We have planned their boutiques and shop-in-shops on 5 continents, in 88 countries and 284 cities.  

At MACH, 18 architects and engineers worked with dedication on this task a total of over 50’000 hours. 

For 2018, we wish our client a fabulous celebration of their 150th anniversary.

Thanks a 1’000’000’000 to the entire team of this Swiss watch brand for trusting in our services over the last decade or every and each of its 315’100’800 seconds.