Engineering Time

For ten years, MACH has helped the major Swiss watch brand IWC to build up its global network of sales outlets. Before that, the company only had one or two stores.

During this decade, MACH developed concepts for two boutiques and a shop-in-shop, as well as eight variations of their annual exhibition. Subsequently, the MACH team planned and detailed 5 large flagship stores, 133 regular boutiques, 465 shop-in-shops as well as 8 exhibition stands at the SIHH in Geneva.

All projects together comprise more than 11,000 m2 of high-quality retail space, which is almost the size of the old town of Schaffhausen. IWC boutiques and shop-in-shops have been built on 5 continents, in 88 countries and 284 cities.

With a great deal of dedication, 18 architects and engineers from MACH Architecture worked a total of over 50,000 hours on this task and are grateful to the Swiss watch brand for its trust over an entire decade, as well as for each and every one of the 315,100,800 seconds.