Flagship Store Berlin

Location: Berlin

Task: Design, Design Development and Construction Document

Collaboration: Bassam Studio, New York

Execution: Kobusch und Sedeño Architekten, Berlin

Inspired by the artisanal tradition of Swiss shoemakers, the starting point for this store concept was a simple, handcrafted wooden box. Intricately designed floors and wall joints made of European oak reflect the beautiful materials, attention to detail and fine construction of Bally products.

To position Bally as a modern, trend-conscious brand, classic materials such as walnut, oak and  lacquered MDF panels were combined in new, fresh ways. For example, a Bally molding specialist was asked to carve a stool from a solid block of walnut based on a 3D scan of an original Swiss tractor seat, which was then fed into a high-tech milling machine. The color composition was chosen to intrigue clientele without overshadowing Bally's products. The finished store is reminiscent of a modern Swiss chalet - intimate and chic, with the promise of exciting adventures beyond the front door.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan