Designer's Saturday 2016

Location: Langenthal

A chandelier composed of 1200 bars of soap in the shape of an oversized suspended water vortex and fittings bedded on soft podiums of towels invite visitors to the Designers’ Saturday 2016 to dive into the visual and olfactory world of water of arwa. The design team VSI.ASAI is responsible for the staging, which consists of the agencies Bureau Hindermann, MACH Architecture and Rigling Interior Design.

In the first act of the atmospheric design, 1200 bars of soap form a chandelier in the form of an oversized hanging water vortex, whose fragrance determines the olfactory perception of the space. At the same time, this creates the reference to water, which falls from the sky. Adapted to the interior, it symbolises both flowing water from fittings and showerheads as well as the vortices that result when draining sinks and bathtubs. In the second act, the perception of the viewer is directed to the comfortable ambience in the bathroom. The fittings from arwa are symbolically embedded on podiums made of soft towels. Similar to the exhibition of a special piece of jewellery on a silk cushion, this stimulating form of representation emphasises the value of the fittings presented.

Jury statement D’S Award Silver: 
A fragrant staging that managed to sensually capture the high space. With the fittings, towels and soap, arwa has managed to stage an effective and photogenic play on shadows with simple means. Another plus was that the majority of the installation material can still be used after dismantling and does not have to be disposed of.