Branch Therwil and Ettingen

Location: Therwil and Ettingen

Task: Competition 2. Place  „Focus"

The design for the Raiffeisenbank branches Therwil and Ettingen both aim to make the banks new focal points in the towns. This is reflected not only visually, but also in terms of content through the diversified service offers. The concepts of both banks take into account the need for a wide range of communication possibilities and extended uses, which make the banks focused centres even outside opening hours.

In Therwil, the branch revolves around a prominent advisor bar in the center. Behind the bar, a double flight of stairs in the middle of the atrium leads customers to the upper floor, where the meeting rooms are located.

In Ettingen, the structure of the building has been transformed into a more open, permeable floor plan that allows users to circulate throught the branch. Outside the opening hours, some of the bank's rooms are available to local associations as a semi-public meeting place.