Boutique Concept

Location: Geneva

Task: Design Development and Construction Document

Collaboration: Roger Dubuis Store Planning Department, Meyrin - XAL, Zurich

Roger Dubuis is known for bold designs, world-class craftsmanship, technical precision, and what the brand calls its "extravagant universe." Bringing all of these elements together was the challenge of the detail and execution planning for the luxury brand's new international boutique concept.

From the woven leather, bronze and wooden furniture, to the bronze, red and black color palette, everything had to be implemented as envisioned by the brand's original design. MACH's technical know-how and experience made it possible to develop a unique environment for a highly demanding clientele and to bring the Roger Dubuis universe to life.

Everything from the braided leather, bronze and wood furniture to the bronze, red and black colour palette needed to be brought to life exactly as imagined in the brand’s original design. To do this, we drew on our own track record of technical excellence to engineer a distinguished setting for some of the world’s most discerning customers to enjoy the Roger Dubuis experience.

Ground Floor Plan